Website speed test and why it matters?

Website speed test and why it matters?
Pingdom website speed checker

Websites speed test often helps you to learn many things easily. Millions of people search for different things every day. You will be shocked to know that more than 800K domains are sold worldwide every day for the websites and other IT purpose.

Millions of posts are published by tech bloggers, gamers, educational institutions and others every day. In this huge competition, you would be lost if you don’t start your blog or website wisely. In this articles you will learn to check the website speed and why it matters? You will also learn about a great website which can help you easily fix issues and attract more visitors.

Why website speed matters?

Websites often face huge competitions as we already discussed above but not just that if also impacts your SEO a lot. Google indexing policy strictly favours websites with great speed over websites which are slow. When you search for some things only fast sites are server first in Google instead of others.

However, other factors like content, meta tag and many other things also matter, but still, speed is a very strong point. If your website will have less speed, certainly will have poor SEO and fewer visitors on your site and that will result in lesser earning.

Some great sites for website speed test:

GooglePage Insight: It lets you check your website leading speed and possible fixes for your website. It a free service offered by Google and easy to use.


Pingdom: It is another great tool and I prefer using for different sites I create. It provides deeper insight into your website and its also free. It also comes with various plans to resolve issues on your website.

website speed test
Pingdom website speed checker


GT MatrixIt also provided the best platform for website speed test and various suggestions based on the site analysis. It also comes up with some premium plans and free to check.

Hurrah! Now you have learnt why website speed matters. Let’s learn a few things to speed up your website.

How to speed up a website?

Or, How to increase website speed?
Website speed checkers and how to fix?
Wordpress website speed increasing?

Few things you can do to speed up your website. Implement these things and surely you will get better speed on your website.

  1. Reduce images size on your WordPress or other websites.
  2. Use Cloudflare and other plugin-based caching for your site.
  3. Remove unnecessary C-name records in your domain.
  4. Obviously, a faster cloud or other C-panel based hosting can help.

Wow! Now you have learnt a lot about website speed test and optimising the website for better speed. Thanks for reading. Please share this post with others and spread the love.

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