Best free web hosting sites in 2019 | Host your website for free.

Best free web hosting sites in 2019 | Host your website for free.
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Let’s check out best free web hosting sites in 2019. Many people wish to start their online part-time or full-time business but hesitate to start or invest in any such things/ways that never work. They keep searching for opportunities to start for free and invest a lot without any research and lose a lot.

In this articles, you will learn to start your website free and how to get free things for your website like hosting. Please read until the end and comment to better understand the article.

1. AWS / Google and Azure cloud hosting: You may create your AWS/ Google or Azure account for free and host your static and dynamic website for free. One of the best parts about cloud hosting over c-panel based hosting is, cloud hosting use to be approx 4 times faster than normal c-panel based hosting.

2. 000WebHostAlthough I love using cloud-based hosting, but for free hosting which is easy to use and have many great features like unlimited disk space, bandwidth and more, this would be a great alternative.

3. Well this is another great free hosting provider with many great features like a 10GB database, a free email account for business, an unlimited bandwidth and a lot more.


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Some other best free web hosting sites in 2019 are: 

  1. InfinityFree hosting: It offers lifetime free c-panel based hosting.
  2. Freehosting.IO: It also offers free hosting with limited features.
  3. Awardspace: This also similar free hosting.

So, These are the best free web hosting sites in 2019?

I have seen many free hosting come with some problem at the end like speed and other, after all, they are free and they want to convert free users in the paid customers. But, thankfully cloud hosting services often work better for free and later you can upgrade in a year. You may host your sites on AWS/ Google or other clouds for free.

Free domainYou may use your custom domain or subdomain with free hosting or you can get a free domain (.Tk)  here.

Pros of free hosting

  1. Free to start your online business
  2. You can easily move to premium later
  3. You can earn without spending anything
  4. They are easy to set up and start

Cons of free hosting

  1. Free hosting companies with limited features
  2. Some are given for timed times
  3. Not good for big brands
  4. Don’t give free email and SSL most of the time
  5. Less secure as compared to premium hosting
  6. Offers limited CMS scripts to install
  7. Sometimes they show ads

Consultation: If you really want to start for free and upgrade then you should host on the cloud hosting for free but you may use other also. First there lists above are best as per our research and secure to be used.

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